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To be an observer of the largest gathering of wild elephants in the world is a truly memorable experience, and an unforgettable opportunity to watch the social dynamics of these great creatures.

It is a unique phenomenon and can only be seen in the Minneriya National Park. Recently, this amazing gathering was listed as,

Number 6 in the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Natural Wildlife Spectacles of the World.

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Elephants in Sri Lanka History and Culture

In Sri Lanka no other animal has been associated for so long with the people in their traditional and religious activities as the elephant. This association dates back to the pre-Christian era, more than 5,000 years. Ancient Sinhalese kings captured and tamed elephants which used to abound in the country.

Various methods of capture were employed, some indigenous, others introduced by neighbouring kings and countries that conquered and ruled Sri Lanka .

Gradually the number of elephants captured increased. All elephants were kept by the king in his stables. The methods of capture were refined and modified as time went on.

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